Sunday, July 14, 2024

A bicyclist passes between the high school and main library in Mid-Cambridge. (Photo; Kate Wheatley)

We all love a list – and, in journalism terms, a listicle. The end of the year is prime time for them, usually arranged as the most memorable and life-changing moments in culture, such as best movies or biggest albums.

We’re doing it too, preparing a top-five listicle of The Best in Cambridge in 2023 and a corresponding Worst in Cambridge in 2023. They’re meant to capture the moments in which this city rose to an occasion, achieving moments of greatness or just collectively doing the right thing; or the times we failed to meet our city’s potential, spotted a bad trend underway or realized we’d seen a turning point we’d would come to regret.

Undertaking this in past years (2022 was skipped) has entailed looking at everything posted on Cambridge Day since the most recent Jan. 1, but this is an inherently flawed approach. It leaves out anything that didn’t happen to get written up.

You can fill in those gaps or just express an opinion on what deserves to make the list by stopping in to a office hour to state your case or drop off a note. This will help shape the end-of-year articles. If you can’t make it, send your best and worst to [email protected].

  • Cambridge Day end-of-year drop-in, 4 to 5 p.m. Tuesday in the lobby of Cambridge Community Television, 438 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square.