Wednesday, July 17, 2024

It is with the most heartfelt gratitude that The Salvation Army of Massachusetts thanks all those who contributed to the 2023 Red Kettle Campaign. Throughout the holidays your donations, regardless of size, contributed to aiding so many families throughout Massachusetts. The Salvation Army of Massachusetts raised more than $2 million to help families and others in need with food, clothing, housing assistance and more this holiday season.

That speaks volumes about the extraordinary generosity of spirit found across the commonwealth that has made so many lives a little bit easier.

Many families are still struggling and unable to meet the most basic needs, though. Inflation, housing costs and day-to-day challenges continue to take their toll. Salvation Army programming, funded by generous donations, provides rent and utility assistance, food and creates pathways out of poverty.

The Salvation Army of Massachusetts is committed to meeting those needs in 2024. Each of the 29 Corps community centers and more than 220 service extension units across the state strive to aid as many people as possible, and need your continued support to do so. With the generosity of your donations, 2024 could be The Salvation Army’s best year ever.

We look forward to continuing to do the most good. Most importantly, we hope you all stay safe, happy and healthy this year.

To learn more about Salvation Army programming or to donate, please visit

Major Elijah Kahn, general secretary of The Salvation Army Massachusetts Division