Sunday, July 21, 2024

Charlie Dov Schön’s ‘I’ve been trying to reach you’

Maris Van Vlack’s fiber landscapes

‘Language, Like Letters’ rethinks how we read, making us think about how we understand it

Collage that avoids cliché at 1369 Coffee House

Melissa Glick’s 24-hour ‘Hacker Creations’

Friedman-Pappas’ and Shin’s haunted travelog

Go to Boston for Emack’s ‘Book of Saints’ photos and open eyes to what’s happening in Cambridge

Michael Talbot’s ‘While We’re Still Here’

Somerville’s Sneha Shrestha illuminates Worcester’s Cantor Gallery starting Feb. 1

Lara Baladi’s ‘ABC: A Lesson in History’ captures the power of language learned in a revolution