Monday, June 24, 2024

Brown creepers are great friends to their trees, ridding them of pests while making their nests

Our dogs are descended from Eurasian wolves, awesome powers packaged behind a cold nose

Pigeons navigate home through freezing cold, and the one called GI Joe saved soldiers’ lives

Merlins are fierce and fast hunters of other birds, and accustomed to resting on the arms of royalty

Orange-crowned warblers are a bright spot during our sometimes long, bitter winters

Hooded merganser are named for their crest, wild look for a creature with amazing abilities

Ash-throated flycatchers are birds of the desert. How is it we can find spot them in the Northeast?

Northern cardinals bless our region year-round with brilliant color, unique song and avian antics

Long-tailed weasels are sleek rodent hunters with lives that will surprise – even before birth

Great horned owls are worth turning to see, which is how these birds have to do it too