Sunday, June 23, 2024

Veteran Cambridge and Boston educator reflects on No Child Left Behind in ‘Testing Education’

Henriette Lazaridis wrote ‘Last Days in Plaka’ with a hero who’s as imperfect as the rest of us

Recent Wellesley grad debuts with ‘Dear Wendy,’ an aromantic/asexual YA take on campus novel

Sarah Boyer’s ‘Coming Out, Becoming Ourselves’ takes Daughters from secret society to acceptance

Rethink the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013 with Susan Clare Zalkind’s ‘Waltham Murders’

Gerald Peary’s ‘Mavericks’ captures film legends from behind the camera, often beyond the grave

Bryn Mawr BookStore celebrates 50-year history with release of recounting by ex-Globie Gardner

Katherine Vaz brings romance of ‘Above the Salt’ to a Portuguese-American center that will love it

‘Filterworld’ is Kyle Chayka’s mass logoff request for nonviral randomness and a sense of surprise

‘The Tigerbelles’ is a 1960s Olympics triumph from when race mattered as much off the track