Dennis Carlone for City Council, 2021

Dana Bullister for City Council, 2021

Burhan Azeem for City Council, 2021

Azeem announces a second run for City Council, with the need for housing remaining a key focus

Toomey opts to retire with ‘much gratitude,’ having served as an elected official since 1986

Poker provides untraditional path to council race for Eckstut; Siddiqui, Nolan also ante up for runs

Toner declares his candidacy for City Council, picking up where he left off from 2017 election

Data scientist Bullister announces for council, planning to channel insights into local policy

City councillors begin their reelection campaigns, led off by Sobrinho-Wheeler, Mallon, Zondervan

Williams declares a new run for City Council seat, second in field with small-business background