Friday, June 21, 2024

Man in Thanksgiving shooting was diverted from court to interview with DA, lawyer says

Attend meetings in Somerville from Dec. 8-15 about kids’ programs and plans at Lyndell’s

Inquest report on Jan. 4 shooting is released, declaring ‘no criminal act’ by police officer (updated)

A week of events in Cambridge and Somerville from a foraging walk to ‘Horror Movie Science’

Police consultants have an officer-naming policy expected to make Cambridge a leader within state

Small protest marks six months after killing; three groups maintain demands about police (corrected)

Gun used by Cambridge and Somerville officers can fire on its own, according to local lawsuits

Cambridge is barred from giving officer’s name by order of judge running inquest into shooting

Cambridge files to stop solar project in Lexington that would raze 1,000 trees, expose water source

Order is approved calling for police officer names from killing of a man in Cambridgeport on Jan. 4