Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Attend meetings in Somerville from May 16-23 about family leave laws and late-night dining

Somervillians drowning under rising water bills can look forward to structural relief steps Jan. 1

Attend meetings in Somerville from May 9-16 about senior services and Public Safety Building

Use Covid-relief money for relief on water bills that surged as high as $25,000, councilor says

Attend meetings in Somerville for April 18-25 about Earth Day, overdose prevention and bees

Economy still shaken by Covid and Ukraine contributes to hikes in water and sewer bills

PFAS chemical levels are up in Cambridge water during regular replacement of six carbon filters

Attend meetings in Somerville from March 21-28 about fixing Broadway conflicts, fate of Armory

Fight over vital power project is turning nastier with Eversource, MIT and city filings to board

Water bill surge problem in Somerville is solved, but councilors want a path to payback eased too