Exposure to PFAS chemicals can sound alarming, but new precautions precede scientific certainty

Costs of Cambridge having its own water supply is spelled out for the agenda of October hearing

Cambridge will use water from MWRA until 2023 as supply chain issues delay filters for chemicals

Eversource has 8 miles of power cable to install under city streets, but not all are in on the plans (Updated)

Plans by Eversource to install a high-voltage line are pointed to train tracks and away from homes (updated)

Drought conditions arrive and residents hear call to use less water, except on city’s suffering trees

Federal regulators’ advisory on water chemicals outpaces work by Cambridge to filter them out

Trees, solar panels and city shortsightedness: Plantings must be better chosen for the future

Attend meetings on tenant rights, climate crisis and cutting the ribbon at the Foundry building

Attend meetings on trash bins, Alewife zoning, budgeting and meeting city manager candidates