Attend meetings on trash bins, Alewife zoning, budgeting and meeting city manager candidates

Attend meetings on $22M in direct family aid, $787.9M budget, municipal broadband, more

Attend meetings on millions in Covid aid money and new commercial towers for Kendall Square

Attend meetings on figuring out Alewife zoning, helping the unhoused, Starlight Square and more

Starry will put $15 broadband into CHA homes; The Brook opens; Residences will cross city line

Bill by state reps would enact a ‘polluter’s fee,’ focus on utilities instead of maximizing profit

Attend meetings on campaign finance reforms, unarmed public safety and Covid grant priorities

Attend meetings on recreational-use cannabis, changes in Kendall Square and East Cambridge

Attend meetings on Tobin and Vassal schools, hiring a city manager and the future of parking

Carl Barron Plaza and confusing traffic patterns eyed for a remake in River Street, Central project