Drought conditions arrive and residents hear call to use less water, except on city’s suffering trees

Attend meetings on a city-run shuttle bus idea, Brattle Street bike lanes and preserving The Pit

Federal regulators’ advisory on water chemicals outpaces work by Cambridge to filter them out

Budget passes with swiftly outvoted dissents, $802M outshone by selection of city manager

PFAS contamination calls into question Cambridge’s water supply strategy

Attend meetings on Tobin and Vassal schools, hiring a city manager and the future of parking

Carl Barron Plaza and confusing traffic patterns eyed for a remake in River Street, Central project

Attend meetings on the future of public safety, utility check-ins and a more car-free Harvard

Attend meetings on adding HomeBridge equity, 2072 Mass. Ave. and selecting a superintendent

Attend meetings on winter costs, mall makeover, getting independent legal advice for City Council