Thursday, June 20, 2024

Gus Rancatore, of Toscanini’s ice cream, is a foodie and a member of the toothless but well-informed Central Square Business Association. The combination gives him some great intel on what’s going on in the square and elsewhere. Here’s some from a recent mass e-mailing:

Central Square is up, down and sideways. Pearl Art closed, which was the unoffical and bohemian anchor of the Square’s retailers. The Attic closed, as did a florist. Hollywood Express is closing. At the same time Central Bottle opened at 196 Mass Ave., the Novartis building where Necco wafers were once manufactured. This very nice wine store is owned by Nick Vanni and others associated with The Blue Room. They have Venetian nibbles, their own olive oil and a lot of great wine. Joanne Chang is opening her third Flour bakery next door. Revere’s famous Cambodian restaurant, Floating Island, is moving to the Square. And Lowell’s Life Alive is taking over the corner where Hollywood Express was located. Patrick McCarthy is moving EVOO and and a second ZA are opening on Third Street at the intersection of Main Street and Broadway.