Wednesday, July 17, 2024

June’s issue of Bizarre magazine, of London, has a capsule review touting the band Humanwine as well as a larger feature on Amanda Palmer.

It’s unlikely anyone could miss the piece about Amanda Palmer in this week’s Phoenix — she’s the cover story, and she’s pictured clutching her naked breasts — but it’s just as unlikely many have seen Palmer in Bizarre magazine. The London-based magazine, which celebrates the “,” boasts of its social network and dating site and features lots of photos of odd things and flirty women, is said to have a circulation of less than 30,000, and only a fraction make it to these shores.

While the Phoenix writes about Palmer’s return to Cambridge to oversee “Cabaret” at the American Repertory Theater, the June magazine story is all about Evelyn Evelyn, the conjoined musician sisters Palmer’s performed since 2007 with Jason Webley. It’s a big deal; the story and photos for the ex-Dresden Dolls star, ex-Harvard Square living statue run to eight pages.

Tucked away in the back, though, in music reviews by keyboardist Joe Black, is a paragraph raving about Humanwine, the “punk vaudeville duo” who perform most in Cambridge, Somerville and Boston, whom “You’ll love … if you like the Dresden Dolls.”

“All of their surreal carnival songs are stories about conflict and resolution set in a fictional place called Vinland, and their brooding voices swim on top of catchy melodies as they get on their soapbox to question politics, censorship and mistrust via theatrical performances.”

Palmer’s “Cabaret” starts Aug. 31. Humanwine performed Saturday at Club Passim in Harvard Square but hasn’t posted dates for upcoming shows.