Sunday, June 23, 2024

Wainwright Bank hasn’t changed its advertising much in the past six years. Its campaigns still tout the institution’s pleasantly countercultural credibility in colorful T ads making somewhat dubious claims. In 2006, it boasted of being “one of the top 11 lenders to women,” which is easy to interpret as an admission it was, in fact, not among the top 10 lenders to women. (Unless the top 11 list is a phenomenon that has eluded us?) Now the bank’s T advertising is luring consumers who want the convenience of having a “worldwide branch network” with 12 locations serving Greater Boston and beyond.

That’s one branch for every 4.8 million square miles on the planet. Convenient.

We don’t mean to pick on Wainwright. Local banks are wonderful. But its friendly advertising lends itself to some equally friendly joshing.

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