Friday, May 24, 2024

Garden Street in Harvard Square, between Mason Street and Massachusetts Avenue, has 49 new parking meters that take credit and debit cards in addition to quarters.

Parking meters that take credit and debit cards as well as quarters went in Thursday on Garden Street in Harvard Square for a 90-day trial. If you use them, the city wants to hear how it goes.

“The pay-by-credit-card option will make it easier for users to pay without worrying about having enough quarters,” said the city public information officer, Ini Tomeu, in a press release. But the 49 new meters — between Mason Street and Massachusetts Avenue — could still be returned to the IPS Group Inc., of San Diego, if enough people dislike them.

The trial basis is multipurpose: “So that the city can learn how the meters are accepted by the public, how well they perform and whether they are cost effective,” Tomeu said.

Their installation follows the expansion of metered parking hours to 8 p.m. in Harvard Square and to 10 p.m. at lots in Central Square. The expanded hours in Central came with “pay stations” that accept cards, like those in Inman Square.

To tell the city about your experience with the Garden Street meters, click here.