Sunday, June 16, 2024

An unveiling for the Entrepreneur Walk of Fame is set, and city councillor Leland Cheung is handing out “save the date” invitations for a 3 p.m Sept. 16 event in Kendall Square.

The walk — a brainchild of Bill Aulet, managing director of the Entrepreneurship Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — was first reported a year ago by the Xconomy blog as tiles (and possibly QR codes) that would be placed, honoring inductees perhaps at a rate of five per year, starting in the plaza outside the Cambridge Marriott.

The unveiling is “an event that will cement Cambridge’s claim to fame as the definitive home of entrepreneurship and innovation,” according to the invitations Cheung handed out after a roughly five-hour City Council meeting. The square is a home to the institute and to so many startups and innovative technology companies that it is already considered “the densest square mile of innovation on the planet.”