Sunday, May 19, 2024

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’s musical and visual obsession with the television show “The Prisoner” has won a spot in a Time top 10 list. (Photo: Kelly Davidson)

Time, in its online The Top 10 Everything of 2011, gives local band Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling the No. 6 spot for “Top 10 Creative Videos” for a music video that is also a scene-by-scene re-creation of the opening of the cult television spy show “The Prisoner.”

The two-person band — husband and wife Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola — did not take years to track down sets and props on a lark; Cacciola and Epstein are obsessed with “The Prisoner” and their two albums and live shows are virtually all homage to it, with Cacciola screaming hoarsely and pounding drums and Epstein teetering around the stage in a tussle with an abused bass. (They also do a terrific cover of Leonard Cohen’s “First We Take Manhattan.”) Even the band’s name is taken from an episode of the the show.

The video was at 24,604 hits on YouTube as of late Thursday, a figure sure to surge since the Time posting, but it is already a well-traveled clip. In September, four months after its posting, Cacciola and Epstein said fans of “The Prisoner”from around the world had expressed awe at their accomplishment.

The video’s director, Theodore Cormey, wouldn’t tell Time the cost of the video, saying only: “I’ve know independent features made for less than for these three minutes.”

(The video, for the band’s song, “Episode 1: The Arrival,” is actually 4 minutes, 28 seconds long if you include the surprisingly entertaining credits that roll for about 33 percent of the total running length.)