Monday, May 27, 2024

Chris Torres, creator of the Nyan Cat meme, visits Toscanini’s ice cream Friday for some Nyan Cat ice cream. (Photo: Amanda B)

The third ROFLcon Internet culture conference is half over. While you may have missed Friday’s talk with Chris Torres, creator of the Nyan Cat, today brings such meme launchers as Judson Laipply of “The Evolution of Dance” and David and David (Jr.) Devore of “David After Dentist” as well as Web masters including Alexis Ohanian of Reddit and Anil Dash, who just schooled Popchips and Ashton Kutcher in Reaction to Racism 101.

You also haven’t missed out on Nyan Cat ice cream at Toscanini’s, which founder Gus Rancatore describes as cherry-flavored Pop-Tarts (just like in Torres’ image of a whimsical space cat) and mukhwas (candy-coated fennel seeds) in vanilla ice cream or vegan coconut sorbet. The flavor was invented for this ROFLcon just as Central Square ice cream shop came up with the flavor Nerds for last year’s conference. We’re proud to say we were writing about Nyan Cat ice cream before the local alterna-media frenzy hit.

On Friday, Torres visited Toscanini’s to try the ice cream he inspired, Rancatore said.

“We have made ROFLcon Nyan Cat ice cream. Why? In some sense, ‘Who knows?’ or ‘Why Not?’” Rancatore said on the Toscanini’s blog. “Next year we hope to make a kimchi flavor in honor of the 21st century’s Abbot and Costello, the clowns at”

The conference takes place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For information, click here. And no, if you click there you won’t be Rick-rolled.