Sunday, July 21, 2024

081413i-Karen-SpilkaFrom the Karen Spilka campaign, Aug. 14: State Sen. Karen Spilka, a Democrat representing the 2nd Middlesex & Norfolk District but running for Ed Markey’s congressional seat in the 5th Massachusetts District, announced today her intention to file a bill to repeal the “tech tax.”

The expansion of the sales tax to computer software design services became effective July 31 and has caused confusion and concern throughout the digital industry sector in Massachusetts.

“As legislators, our goal is to create and maintain a business climate that allows innovative companies to be created and grow here. Digital technology is at the heart of our innovation economy and key to our future prosperity; we want technology companies, big and small, to thrive here. Since the ‘tech tax’ has become law, the reaction of the technology industry makes it clear that this new tax is detrimental to those goals. I am filing legislation today to repeal this tax,” Spilka said.