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Harvard-educated longtime resident Dennis Carlone has been in private practice as a planner, architect and urban design consultant since 1978. His clients have included the cities of Cambridge, Boston, Chelsea and Lawrence and the towns of Plymouth and Winchester, as well as private and public institutions. His projects include the nationally recognized East Cambridge Riverfront Project, as well as the original NorthPoint Urban Design and Broad Canal & Environs plans, which have guided the transformation of more than 40 acres of formerly underutilized industrial land on the Charles River into mixed-use developments.

He was an early advocate for sustainable planning and design and has an extensive urban housing background, including creating 500 units of affordable housing.

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Carlone’s top three priorities:

From the Cambridge Residents Alliance

bullet-gray-smallPlanning for people. Focus on our needs to build a better, balanced community – convenient transportation, pedestrian safety, community-oriented public space and restrooms and, of course, affordable housing.

bullet-gray-smallA neighbor bill of rights. Improve our neighborhoods by fixing the laws to avoid noise, light and other unnecessary disturbances by planning for all the people.

bullet-gray-smallZoning reform. We need zoning that is based on a people-centered master plan and a net-zero plan that reduces emissions and incorporates renewable energy to reduce the likelihood of future city flooding.

From my 30 years experience as Cambridge’s urban design/architectural consultant for the East Cambridge Riverfront Project (acclaimed as a “National Model for Redevelopment”), I know these elements are essential for a healthy city and are largely missing now.


Carlone on the issues

From Cambridge Community Television

Finding a new city manager:

Spending on school construction: