Wednesday, February 21, 2024



The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority deserves lots of credit for putting up electronic signs showing the wait for the next train. Not this particular Davis Square sign, though, on the side where the Ashmont and Braintree trains stop.

There’s a metal grid hanging from the ceiling that makes it nearly impossible to read the top line of the two-line sign – the part that says how soon the next train comes in. Passengers can still see how long they need to wait for the train after that, in case they prefer to wait roughly twice as long as they need to. Or maybe it’s the perfect sign for people who like to be mildly surprised?

The purpose of the metal, hanging like a hammock, blocking vital information and making the sign useless, is totally unclear. But an even better question is: Was it put up after and in front of the sign? Or was the sign put up after and behind the big metal hanging thing?

line gray

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