Monday, May 20, 2024



You had to be in Cambridge as far back as 2004 to appreciate that the city had a “Long Funeral Service” (a funeral home at Massachusetts Avenue and Beech Street near Porter Square) and a “Huron Drugs” (a defunct Huron Village pharmacy remembered fondly on message boards and in the text of G.L. Horton’s musical play, “The T Show: Breaking in at the MBTA”).

Fortunately, the city is getting another business name sure to raise a smile: Pho Kup, meant to replace Tamarind House at 1790 Massachusetts Ave., also near Porter Square, in August.

The name is drawing attention, and Rachel Leah Blumenthal at Eater is looking to the License Commission and asking “Will Cambridge Allow a Pho Kup?” She notes correctly that the restaurant was okayed under a placeholder name of “DD Restaurant,” and a commission worker confirmed Monday that a new name needs official approval. For the sake of a funnier Cambridge, let it happen!