Friday, April 19, 2024

To Diane, Janice, Kimberly, Minka and all other City Council wannabes: Do you expect voters to take you seriously if you’re not attending City Council meetings? I sure won’t.

LetterYour new quartet of freshman councillors all had something in common: They stayed clear of City Hall until Inauguration Day. The four raised and spent a couple hundred thousand dollars filling your mailboxes with their pretty faces and putting up signs asking for No. 1 votes, but couldn’t waste Monday evenings learning what the job is really all about.

Once elected, the newbies put on an embarrassing display of their ignorance of council procedures as simple as roll call voting. None would have passed a quiz on the last session’s agenda.

Meeting absences by seated councillors are already frequent and chronic. Hang out yourself and you’ll find that showing up on time, if at all, isn’t the highest priority of your well-compensated long-timers. It’s not a lot to ask.

If you can trick a candidate with a simple question about what the City Council did last week, think about voting for someone else.