Friday, April 12, 2024

051215i--K.-Todd-Storch-taxi-cardFrom the Cambridge License Commission, April 1: The Cambridge License Commission has begun begin requiring that all Cambridge taxi cabs have electronic credit card processing capability.

“As fewer people are carrying cash, we need to ensure that residents and visitors in Cambridge can conveniently pay for a taxi fare with their credit card,” said Andrea Jackson, chairwoman of the commission. “The new regulations that went into effect today will not only increase customer convenience, but also ensure that the taxi industry remains a competitive and convenient transportation option.”

While Cambridge taxi cabs are now required to be able to process credit card payments, each driver or owner has individual discretion to determine the processing equipment that is used – so long as all payment processing systems must be able to produce for each credit card transaction a printed meter receipt that includes taxi cab medallion number, date, transaction number, start and end miles, fare, tip, total amount charged, type of card used, authorization number and the Cambridge Hackney hotline number and email. Taxi cabs have until Oct. 1 to update their meter systems to be capable of producing the required information on the meter receipt.

All Cambridge taxi cabs will have proper signage indicating they accept credit cards and if they have a $10 minimum, which can include a tip value. Additionally, a new flat rate hotel-to-airport fee schedule was to be posted in cabs by the end of April.

Any taxi cab passenger can submit a compliment or complaint about a taxi ride or driver using the Cambridge iReport or using the QR code in each cab.

Questions and requests about the new credit card regulations should be directed to the commission office at (617) 349-6146 or by email.