Sunday, April 21, 2024

102815i-Mike-ConnollyFrom the Massachusetts NOW PAC, Aug. 9, 2016: The Massachusetts Chapter of the National Organization for Women Political Action Committee has endorsed Mike Connolly in his run for election to the State House of Representatives in the 26th Middlesex District.

“We can count on Mike to protect every woman’s right to choose. His support of increasing the minimum wage to $15 and indexing for inflation promotes economic equity. He will be a strong, progressive voice and advocate for all of NOW’s priority issues. We enthusiastically endorse Mike Connolly for state representative in 26th Middlesex,” said Nancy Rosenblum and Donna Denoncourt, co-chairwoman of the chapter, in a press release.

The PAC endorses candidates who are committed to the National Organization for Women’s mission and priority issue areas, including  reproductive freedom, racial justice, constitutional rights, economic justice, LGBT Rights and ending violence against women. To get its support, candidates must go through a rigorous endorsement process, including a multi-issue questionnaire and an interview with PAC members.

Connolly’s commitment to these issues stems from his personal background, the press release said. He was raised in public housing by a single mother, benefited from a Head Start program and spent time in foster care when his mother struggled with health issues. Despite these challenges, Connolly went on to graduate from Duke University and Boston College Law School. He became a licensed attorney, worked in the local technology sector, and became involved in a number of social justice movements in Greater Boston.

“Connolly has established himself as a community leader in Cambridge and Somerville. He has worked to promote affordable housing, universal early childhood education, public transportation, renewable energy and campaign finance reform, both as a legislative aide to the Cambridge City Council and as a community organizer,” Rosenblum and Denoncourt said.

The PAC looks forward to electing Connolly to the Legislature and working with him on equal rights and social justice issues, they said.

“I am truly honored to have the support of the Massachusetts chapter of the National Organization for Women,” Connolly said. “NOW has been taking action for women’s equality since 1966 and has been at the forefront of struggles for reproductive rights, civil rights and LGBTQ rights. I look forward to working with NOW and joining with other allies and leaders in the Massachusetts House to continue making progress on these fundamental issues.”

The primary election is Sept. 8. He is running against state Rep. Tim Toomey, also a city councillor. The 26th Middlesex District includes parts of Cambridge and Somerville.