Friday, May 24, 2024

From Larry Rosenberg in Inman Square, Aug. 27, 2016: I’m writing to express my strong support for Mike Connolly for state representative in the Democratic primary Sept. 8. Connolly is challenging 23-year incumbent Tim Toomey, who has also been a Cambridge city councillor for 26 years. Like many other incumbents, Toomey has rarely taken on the slow-moving, conservative leadership of the House.

LetterConnolly, by contrast, would press energetically for much-needed progressive reforms. In his years of work in Cambridge community organizations and as a legislative aide to a city councillor, he has worked hard for campaign finance reform, “net zero” carbon emissions, better public transportation, more affordable housing and clean elections, among other important causes.

Although Toomey has sometimes supported progressive positions, he has not been a leader. In addition:

bullet-gray-small Toomey described abortion as “an act of violence” on the House floor, and he voted against codifying safe and legal access to abortion into Massachusetts law. He has been endorsed by Massachusetts Citizens for Life and Democrats for Life.

bullet-gray-small Toomey would not support Gov. Deval Patrick’s plan to raise an additional $2 billion annually for transit and education in 2013.

bullet-gray-small Toomey voted in favor of Gov. Charlie Baker’s proposed budget cuts in 2015.

bullet-gray-small Toomey voted for expanded casino gaming in Massachusetts – the only House member from Cambridge or Somerville to do so.

bullet-gray-small Toomey voted to defund and nullify the Clean Elections Law in 2001– a law supported by most of his constituents.

bullet-gray-small Toomey voted in favor of minimum mandatory sentencing.

bullet-gray-small Toomey supported Thomas Finneran (who was later disbarred after pleading guilty to obstructing justice for his role in redistricting after the 2000 Census) for speaker of the house in 2003, and he voted against term limits for the position of speaker.

It’s time to elect a state representative who will be a strong, reliable advocate for progressive causes.