Saturday, May 25, 2024

We need a City Council dominated by pragmatists rather than ideologues. And we certainly do not need councillors whose integrity has been compromised by substantial developer contributions. The city’s problems are complex and can be solved only by councillors who are able to see clearly where more information is needed and how to ask the city to provide it. This has not been the case with the current City Council, some of whom appear to be motivated by ideology and money, rather than the city’s best interests.

We have been residents of Cambridge for the past 25 years, and realize that the influx of highly paid tech workers means we cannot have a city without change. We therefore want to see new faces on the City Council who are mentally equipped to deal with the complexity of change. One such, we believe, is Derek Kopon. He is a scientist and therefore bases his professional life on data. But he also realizes that data have to be assessed by humans, not all of whom agree. He has had this experience in the past and found that the most effective progress is made through consensus. Apart from being sound on environmental and renewable energy policy, he advocates for campaign finance reform and well-planned development, not ill-conceived upzoning such as the Affordable Housing Overlay.

Dominick Jones, Hurlbut Street