Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Cambridge Citizens Coalition congratulates all the newly elected City Council candidates, including our own slate-backed incumbent councillors Dennis Carlone and Quinton Zondervan and newly elected former School Committee member Patricia Nolan. The coalition also shares a number of key values and goals with non-incumbent council victor Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler. He ran a brilliant campaign and we look forward to working with him – and others – in the years ahead. We will greatly miss slate member Craig Kelley on the council; he has been a hard-working representative who exercised a truly independent voice. We wish him well and know he will continue to make important contributions to this city.

The coalition also thanks our amazing group of first-time challengers Derek Kopon, John Pitkin, Ben Simon and Nicola Williams, who ran stellar campaigns. Their contributions to the candidate forums and other events helped draw attention to important issues such as a pathway to homeownership, affordable housing displacement, neighborhood engagement, smart growth and government transparency, as well as environmental and green space protection and universal pre-kindergarten.

We thank the dozens of coalition volunteers and contributors, as well as the 100-plus Cambridge citizens who attended our open forum for council candidates Oct. 6 and helped launch this, our initial, election campaign. 

CCC is a new civic association, founded in May and adding a political action committee just as the election season got underway. Our goal has been to encourage a broad, citywide vision for Cambridge, including issues important to our diverse neighborhoods. In our campaign literature we made use of publicly available data in our advocacy for financial reform in promoting greater transparency. We appreciate the substantial work undertaken by Robert Winters of the Cambridge Civic Journal, both for publishing ongoing election data and for his long record of civic involvement. 

The A Better Cambridge group that we opposed in this election has long enjoyed a majority on the City Council, with five incumbents running for reelection. With the reelection of two incumbent councillors on the coalition slate (Carlone and Zondervan) and the addition of non-incumbent coalition slate victor Patricia Nolan, we hope following the election hiatus that the council will reset core elements of the proposed Affordable Housing Overlay and also the tone of deliberations – on this, and other important issues facing the city. 

With our citywide board of 23 directors and our great advisory group members, we hope to have a stronger role in and impact on the city for years to come. We invite other residents to learn more about us at and consider joining our efforts. We look forward to strong advocacy engagement not only this coming year, but in future elections. 

Cambridge Citizens Coalition Executive Committee