Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Authors Boaz Frankel and Brooke Barker bring their “Let’s Be Weird Together” to Porter Square Books on Monday.

Most people see their weirdness as a negative, but Brooke Barker and Boaz Frankel prove that a person’s quirkiness is what makes them the most interesting in their “Let’s Be Weird Together.”

The book’s mix of colorful illustrations, bizarre animal relationship facts and outlandish historical couples highlight the peculiar habits and experiences of people in relationships. The husband-wife duo released their book this month and visit Porter Square Books on Monday to promote it during a “date night extravaganza.”

Barker and Frankel combined their firsthand relationship experience with research into some niche topics, including strange love-related laws, and conducted a poll of thousands of people on nicknames they call their significant other. “Though we clearly do have experiences being in relationships, we did a lot of research for this book,” Frankel said.

“Let’s Be Weird Together” was published this month.

To summarize the findings: “We have yet to meet a couple that isn’t weird – the couples that think they’re normal are usually the weirdest ones of all,” Barker said.

In more crowdsourcing, the cartoonish illustrations of couples by Barker that fill “Let’s Be Weird Together” are each based on a real couple (including Barker and Frankel). “It seemed strange to draw imaginary couples when there are so many real ones,” Barker said. “I asked online for people to send in photos of them with their significant other, and my inbox was full of sweet photos for days.”

Since “Let’s Be Weird Together” is loaded with charts, graphs and other visuals that are better seen than heard, it’s impossible for the authors to do traditional book readings on tour. Instead, they expect their events to be more like a variety show – Frankel plans to give a presentation about eccentric couples through time; Barker plans to create live drawings of animals with unusual courtship rituals. Buyers of the book get a custom animal drawing inside.

“Lovebirds get a lot of press around Valentine’s Day, but hopefully after a few stories I can convince you that gibbons and deep sea anglerfish are a lot more romantic,” Barker said.

The free “Let’s Be Weird Together: A Date Night Extravaganza” is at 7 p.m. Monday at Porter Square Books, 25 White St., Porter Square.