Friday, April 19, 2024

This year’s Honk! fest is back to a full weekend and striving to recapture some pre-Covid feel

Honk! festival will be held on one day only, skipping Oktoberfest but in new locations

Honk! goes all-local for the second year of Covid, multiplying its sites but telling bands not to travel

Historical Society’s butterfly lawn installation: Sweet remembrance of people we lost to Covid

Women’s History Month film discussion prep: Watching three greats to talk about March 23

Watch films about Black experience in America, talk about them in Feb. 23 forum with our panel

Group plants ‘Recognizing Our Oldest Trees’ exhibit with photos and facts in Davis Square

This weekend is the free ‘Good Riddance 2020’ you’ve been waiting for from Historical Society

For a charming (and reassuring) date night, meet the ‘Let’s Be Weird Together’ authors

The Beatles as feminists? Yeah, yeah, yeah, argues expert Thursday at Kennedy School