Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Good afternoon Cambridge City Council and Cambridge Police Department,

As your partners, we would like to acknowledge a letter from Black Response Cambridge (“Open letter to councillors calls for March meeting about people-centered community safety budget,” Feb. 24) naming Transition House as a collaborator.

While we have been in conversation with Black Response Cambridge and plan to continue to explore how we can work together in the future, we were neither aware of nor cosigners of this letter.

As an organization, we have been transparent about our desire to see a transformation in our community; the need to take new and creative steps to achieve it; and the importance of centering Black community voices in the process. Our aim in all of our partnerships is that Transition House would be strengthened and challenged through our connection and that we would be able to do the same for our partners, always with the shared goal of the utmost support for survivors of violence.

We remain committed to our partnerships and will continue to operate with transparency and integrity with all involved. We offer our sincerest apologies for the miscommunication and for any negative feelings that may have been caused by seeing our name included in this letter. Know that we will clarify our stance with Black Response Cambridge moving forward.

We continue to grow together as we push to make the city of Cambridge a model of a healthy, thriving community.

Transition House