Monday, May 20, 2024

An image of the Book Donation Map from In the Book. Click through to the map.

Who knew Cambridge had so many places to donate books?

Well, New York-based In the Book did. The publisher of personalized children’s books and seller of other published works put together a scrollable map with a search function – Cambridge is included, Somerville is not despite having a More Than Words container – that shows book-donation sites, whether they be a physical location or drop-off only.

“Local businesses are in need of our help more than ever. The pandemic has also given many ordinary people the opportunity to clean their homes and get rid of their unwanted items, including stacks of used books,” explained Alanah Reid for In the Book. “We hope our map will help support local businesses by showing citizens worthy places they can take their used books to.”

The map points the book-laden to nine locations in Cambridge, which stands out compared with the scattered dots on the map of the surrounding cities (and states); Boston is shown as having four. The map may not be wholly accurate – it asks for users to contact the makers and let them know of sites that have been left off. But it’s a slightly poignant reminder of the time Cambridge could be touted as having the most bookstores per square mile of any U.S. city. Or was it per capita? Or was it just Harvard Square? (Either way, we’ve been outshone.)

  • See the book donation site map here.