Sunday, April 21, 2024

We’re all trying to remove carbon from our transportation footprint. When I’m not riding my bicycle, I’m driving my electric car.

Electric vehicles are magic. Silent and roomy, they drive exceptionally well, with great balance and smooth, quick acceleration. The charging networks continue to improve on a daily basis.

And the prices are coming down.

That is in part because the state decided to incentivize electric vehicles through a program they call “Mor-EV,” which will get you up to $2,500 cash back on the purchase of any qualifying car. (And the list is long.)

At the moment, legislators on Beacon Hill are deciding the future of this program, among many others. The House and the Senate have focused on very different aspects of the state’s green portfolio – the House on offshore wind, while the Senate is looking at areas such as providing $100 million for electric-vehicle purchase incentives and $50 million for EV charging stations and allocating $50 million to the Clean Energy Center.

These varying approaches are now “in conference” as the two legislative branches work to hammer out a comprehensive package that will satisfy the priorities of those respective bodies.

It is crucial that greening up the transportation sector continue to play a key role in whatever the conference committee reports out. As an EV driver and Massachusetts resident concerned about the state’s future, I want to see a strong, clean transportation bill get through the Legislature.

Sam Seidel, Harris Street