Thursday, July 18, 2024

Epharis Alepdis’ “Ring” (2023).

Rings are the thing at Mobilia, the Huron Village gallery-shop founded by JoAnne and Libby Cooper in 1978. And not for the first time: A history of rings published by Sylvie Lambert in 1999 inspired Mobilia’s first “The Ring” exhibition in February 2001; a traveling exhibition followed, leaping from Wisconsin to Wales. Fifty artists from around the world are in the new show, “The Reverent Ring,” and in a wild variety of styles. (And pricing, from a chunky polymer clay wearable by Epharis Alepdis for $480 to white-gold-and-diamond bands by Agathe Saint Girons for $19,700.) There are some that seem hardly feasible as clothing (Ando Yasuhiro’s “Rainbow of the Heart,” say) and some perfectly plausible (Curtis Arima) or a middle ground that’s still wholly whimsical (Eunseok Han). It’s the Alepdis we love the most, and not just because it’s affordable: These lumpy pieces of art feel like you’re wearing an inky, affably edgy cartoon, like a Lynda Barry panel come to life.

Mobilia Gallery, 348 Huron Ave., Huron Village 

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