Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Dmitriy Gushchin’s “Tango” (2022) is among works at the Photographic Resource Center’s “Your Work Here” exhibit.

“Your Work Here” is a hidden gem of an exhibition on view until Jan. 20 in Lesley University’s VanDernoot Gallery and a long-standing tradition of the Photographic Resource Center, a nearly 50-year-old educational nonprofit – now hosted by Lesley – that organizes workshops, lectures and other educational programming for photographers.

For the last-minute holiday gift giver, there’s a bit of something for everyone. The work on view ranges from abstract pieces to documentary photography. The show’s highlights are among the latter: Kay Mathew’s “North Beach” depicts a restaurant scene with a salon-style wall of photos and a bunch of lackadaisical customers in the foreground ($300); Dmitriy Gushchin’s “Tango” (2022, $1,200) is the exhibition’s showstopper, depicting an androgynous subject posing enigmatically in an ornate, rug-filled room, surrounded by strange bursts of light. In his gorgeous black-and-white print, “Sample Weaver” (1973, $825), artist Steve Dunwell shows an older man bent over a loom, completely enchanted by the craft. Hidden in the back of the exhibit, Mary Gillis’ “Water Buffalo” (1997, $200) is equally joyous. Gillis uses slow shutter speed to capture water raining down onto the creature – utterly magical.

Nestled next to a food court, the location is perfect for holiday shopping. After buying a work, visitors might grab a bite to eat at Tampopo, I Love Sushi or the spot’s other excellent restaurants.

VanDernoot Gallery in Lesley University’s University Hall, 1815 Massachusetts Ave., Porter Square, Cambridge.

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