Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Michael Talbot’s art in the Rooted Café at Somerville’s Armory. (Photo: Claire Ogden)

Michael Talbot’s “While We’re Still Here” is a bittersweet and beautiful little show at the Somerville Armory’s Rooted cafe. In it, the Jamaican artist presents images of hands holding flowers, all of which explore “the idea of paying respects or homage to the people who are important to you by giving them their flowers while they’re still with us,” he says.

Talbot’s subtle color palette blends with the cafe surroundings, but the individual works are worth a closer look. The pieces are unassuming, but show a thoughtful balance between canvas and negative space that Talbot uses toward creative ends – in some pieces, abstract negative forms frame the flowers; in others it forms the flowers entirely. Each work symbolizes a person in the artist’s life who is important to him. Given the knowledge that two of those people have died, the show’s themes take on an increased urgency. 

  • “While We’re Still Here …” through Feb. 3 at the Rooted Café at Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave., Somerville.

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