Physical therapist leaps fence to help a sea gull, but not all inspiring tales get happy epilogues

Bowman takes herself out of November election, ensuring new member for the School Committee

Between poetry and a biochemistry degree, Victoria Heitzmann has an EP to squeeze in

Final Volpe filing improves its Third Street Park, and North Point and Union Square buildings sell

With ever-growing goals to feed the hungry, Food For Free moves into 12,000 square feet

Azeem announces a second run for City Council, with the need for housing remaining a key focus

Nomination papers are taken by 18 candidates, marking campaign season starting in earnest

Man is arrested and charged with animal cruelty after incidents in East Cambridge involving cats

Three on the School Committee seek reelection so far; Rojas invites voters to a Thursday event

Cambridge Camping receives a $25,000 boost from the Boston Foundation for kids’ activities