Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Don’t miss the surprising ‘Hundreds of Beavers’ or Oscar-nominated ‘Perfect Days,’ ‘Daughters’

Cinema celebrates cinema in ‘Pictures of Ghosts,’ free ‘Spaceman’ and ‘Silent Running’ tops the bill

Go Bugs for school break, get 24 hours of sci-fi and catch echoes of the picaresques and biopic

Where’s your favorite Black joy found in cinema? Sci-fi fest returns, and more greats of the 1970s

‘(Some of) the Best of 2023’ at The Brattle includes another Lily Gladstone star role

World Film festival has animation and MLK fare; Elsewhere, it’s ‘Chinatown’ and an ‘Anselm’ doc

Re-meet ‘Household Saints’ with cast and crew during Brattle program; Catch ‘Godfather II’ too

Prince, Scorsese and Tom Cruise have ’80s hits, while new action is better down where it’s wetter

Celebrate ‘Touch of Evil’ and ’80s blockbusters along with the new ‘Color Purple’ and ‘Iron Claw’

Tech-noir pairs from ‘Machina’ to ‘Mnemonic,’ ‘Sleepless’ in Kendall and a masterful ‘Maestro’