Tuesday, April 23, 2024

‘Civil War’: For correspondents in a torn country with echoes of today, any side is the wrong side

Midwest Grill reopens Tuesday, back with buffet but without the ‘JP’ rebranding from fall in sight

Good news and bad news: Gold for orchestra, word of the Democracy Center shutting down

A week of events in Cambridge and Somerville: Susanna Kaysen, Space Week and bluegrass fest

‘Muppet Madness’ keeps pace with Marathon and there’s space at The Brattle: ‘2001’ is first

Chicken salad sandwich at The Druid

Bagelsaurus Classic Jumbo sandwich

Henriette Lazaridis wrote ‘Last Days in Plaka’ with a hero who’s as imperfect as the rest of us

Reviewed: ‘La Chimera,’ ‘Wicked Little Letters,’ both ‘Monkey Man’ and a ‘DogMan’ in theaters

Recent Wellesley grad debuts with ‘Dear Wendy,’ an aromantic/asexual YA take on campus novel