See a few Brattle favorites, a ‘Weird Wednesday,’ or ‘Power of the Dog,’ ‘Hand of God,’ ‘Last Duel’

Red-tailed hawks survived bounties and DDT era and now are at home swooping around city skies

‘C’mon C’mon’: Phoenix and his child co-star compete to astonish in this heartfelt travelogue

Double Mushroom ‘Steak’ & Cheese at Earnest Drinks (inside Gracie’s Ice Cream)

Foodstuffs: Resnick and Kimpton’s Miracle; Mamaleh’s has Flourish; El Jefe’s fundraises

‘The Half-Life of Marie Curie’ lays out its thesis and never challenges the conclusions

A week of events in Cambridge and Somerville: Holiday shopping fairs, A.R.T.’s Day of Giving

Watch Will Smith as a winning ‘King Richard,’ ‘Boy Called Christmas’ and ‘Life of Louis Wain’

A tufted titmouse might fly in to steal your hair, plucking it while you sleep to help build a nest

‘House of Gucci’: The styles clash in family drama