Monday, July 22, 2024

Online forum renews arguments against MCAS, standardized test that’s required for graduation

Amigos teacher is charged with sexual assault from before employment, district tells families

With some discomfort, parents criticize Greer after School Committee delays her evaluation

District survey figures would have looked better with urban comparison not allowed by software

Groups will hold forum Thursday on MCAS, standardized test drawing debate for 25 years

Survey paints grim picture of Cambridge schools, but a Monday town hall promises some ‘context’

Letter illustrates a sense of fear and conflict permeating Graham & Parks over principal

High school is addressing post-Covid fight surge; Capuano report shows the joyful educating of tots

Detention of a sort returns as ‘accountability,’ part of undoing chronic student absenteeism

Graham & Parks principal draws an investigation when parents see echoes of problems in Newton