Attend meetings on long-brewing proposals; school district vaccine mandates; a pet project

Housing Authority joins demands for vaccination among staff or testing on ‘their dime, their time’

City’s hospitals join a shift to vaccine mandates; Cambridge government offices remain holdout

Covid testing rises on ‘breakthrough,’ delta fears; City Hall masks up but lacks some health staffers

‘Breakthrough’ coronavirus infections up again, and Cambridge falls behind Chelsea and Everett

Attend meetings on how to address gun violence and on locating Cambridge’s next city manager

Councillors want every city worker vaccinated, and that could mean mandates requiring a jab

Attend meetings on gun violence, reparations, trees and climate, apartments and much more

City’s plan to remove old oak trees is hypocritical, says Vassal Lane graduate who got to enjoy them

Rally For Cambridge Trees takes place Monday before an order to strengthen the city’s canopy