Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Jay Maynard, also known as Tron Guy, greets admirers at the first ROFLCon, in 2008. The Cambridge Internet culture conference returns this weekend, overlapping with ImprovBoston’s Geek Week. (Photo: Ryan Andrew)

Geek Weekcomedy, panels, burlesque and more, based at ImprovBoston in the heart of Central Square — is in full swing and runs through Sunday. And there’s a sweet overlap with ROFLCon over at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which takes place Friday and Saturday. The Internet culture conference is described by organizers as:

devoted to discussing what makes memes work, why they work and where it’s all going (and then throwing a big-ass rocking party with the Internet celebs themselves).

The conference, which spelled out is the Rolling On the Floor Laughing Conference, centers around The Asgard, which puts it anatomically in one of the lungs of Cambridge, or perhaps in the liver.

Or the stomach? The conference’s Tim Hwang reports that Toscanini’s, the university’s longtime ice cream shop of choice is, for this weekend only:

proudly offering THE INTERNET as a flavor, in honor of the impending reality vortex that is ROFLCon II. From what I hear, it will be a vanilla ice cream base with Nerds mixed in (DELICIOUS).

Nerds and geeks together. There may be a lot of smart, funny babies born nine months from now, or at least a bunch of interesting start-ups.