Sunday, June 16, 2024

A company called Elite Escrow Management — and going by at least six other names — is defrauding people in Cambridge, police said this week.

Representatives of Elite say it is a timeshare closing company at 485 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge and give a local, 617 area code when doing business. But the company is not at that address, and the phone number being used belongs to a Voice Over Internet Protocol phone service that could be anywhere, said Detective Brian O’Connor and Detective Sgt. O. Carter-Wells, of the Cambridge Police Department’s Electronic Crime Unit. The company is asking people for credit card payments for services processed in Mexico.

The unit is working on finding the people involved.

Elite is not registered as a business with Cambridge, said police and the Cambridge Consumers Council.

Other identities identified as being used by Elite are,,,, the misspelled and the correctly spelled

Before sending money to a company advertising timeshare closing services, research the company and protect yourself, the officials said.

O’Connor can be reached at (617) 349-9307 or by e-mail here. Carter-Wells can be reached at (617) 349-3282 or by e-mail here.

This post was written from a press release.