Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Musician and artist Amanda Palmer cheers her wildly successful crowd funding campaign Tuesday with help from Michael Pope’s body paints. (Photo: Kelly E. Davidson)

With more than 55 hours to go in a funding campaign countdown, Amanda Palmer has raised more than $1 million for production and touring costs for her independent album.

She set out to raise $100,000.

The ebullient Palmer took to Twitter to proclaim: “We. Fucking. Did it. $1,000,000 of pure future artmaking asskicking.” (But in all-caps.)

Ex-Dresden Doll, ex-Harvard Square performance artist and recent theater auteur Palmer introduced the Kickstarter crowdsourcing campaign April 30, explaining that “since I’m now without a giant label to front the gazillions of dollars that it always takes to manufacture and promote a record this big, I’m coming to you to gather funds … I think Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms like this are the best way to put out music right now — no label, no rules, no fuss, no muss. just us, the music and the art.”

The campaign offered a couple of dozen ways to fund her work — with one person of the 21,199 pledging at least $10,000, fetching an art sitting and dinner with Palmer — and became one of several recent records for the site.

The tour and resulting book will include the work of 30 visual artists, including husband Neil Gaiman but also locals Walter Sickert, of the band Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys, and Blake Brasher, who lives in a Cambridgeport co-op.