Tuesday, April 16, 2024

A 18-wheeler is stuck Wednesday on Alewife Brook Parkway. (Photo: James Williamson)

An 18-wheeler got itself stuck on an Alewife Brook Parkway guardrail Wednesday near the entrance to the Fresh Pond Mall – leaving its rear somehow elevated along the sidewalk of the northbound lanes, while its front remained on the asphalt by the median.

No injuries were reported, said Jeremy Warnick, director of communications and media relations for Cambridge police.

Another view of the stranded 18-wheeler Wednesday near the Fresh Pond Mall entrance. (Photo: James Williamson)

Route 16 was closed at the rotary heading toward Alewife as state police handled the scene, drawing a few curious onlookers – including one working in nearby biotech offices who said he ran out when he heard the dramatic, mechanical noise of something going very wrong. The best guess among passersby: The truck made a right turn out of the mall without realizing until too late that part of the trailer had snagged on the sloping guardrail and was being raised and dragged instead of rolling on the rear wheels.

The truck belongs to Rindge Avenue-based KJ Transportation & Logistics, according to the sign on the tractor door.