Thursday, May 23, 2024

A “cuffing season” gift box from Hubba Hubba in Mid-Cambridge. (Photo: Hubba Hubba via Facebook)

Thinking about how to celebrate Valentines in the coming week? Get advice from a professional in the fields of romance, sex and local business. MJ Pullins became owner of Hubba

It’s late to make Valentine’s Day plans, but there’s never been a better time for a sexy stay-at-home holiday: Adult toy options abound, and DoorDash and Grubhub are just a few swipes away. MJ Pullins, who has already offered options this week on celebrating a relationship out on the town, also knows the best ways to stay in – and she should: She’s the owner of Hubba Hubba, a sex-positive store founded in 1979 that sticks out like a sore and sexy thumb between Harvard and Central squares.

We talked with her in February; her responses were condensed and edited for publication.


Any sexy ideas for people who want to stay at home this Valentine’s Day?

One of my favorite things in the store right now are these edible massage candles. You melt the candle, drip it on your partner, and it becomes wax play. And then it becomes massage oil, and then it’s edible. I mean, that’s a good night, right in one package.

As an adult-store owner, you’re obviously pretty knowledgeable about BDSM. Any ideas for the vanilla couples out there?

Our job is to make it comfortable for everybody. We have things for people who are way far down in BDSM and for people who have never used a vibrator. But when it comes to Valentine’s, you really need to open up to your partner about what your needs and your wants are. There are tools you can use to do this, whether it’s games such as dice or cards or something more subtle – you can do this with toys or blindfolds, too.

One of the easiest modes of entree is light bondage. Light impact play doesn’t have to hurt; in fact, it can be quite sensual. Really, just any touch and enhancement of touch is always fun.

Any lingerie recommendations at Hubba Hubba?

We carry lingerie for all sexes. There’s no “boys” section, there’s no “girls” section. Instead, there’s a masculine section and there’s a feminine section. Everything is for everybody, and that kind of helps keep everything very broad-based. Obviously, people have certain bits that tend to be a little bit more specific for certain things, and people may be somewhere between in their bits, and we can work with that as well.

Any specific sex-tech you’re excited about?

There’s so much new great technology. Some of the most popular items right now are Bluetooth-controlled vibes. You could be in San Francisco and your partner could be in Boston. It makes your Zoom calls much more fun. It also makes going out to dinner really interesting.

What about when you run out of shiny toys and fun new dates – any advice for couples?

Hide your phones; put them in another room. Write down five questions for your significant other and just take an hour and just talk. Really talk.Talk about your dreams. Make sure you both are on the same page again. Re-center. Look each other in the eye. I think that would be the most romantic thing that I could think of.

As someone who deals with couples all day long … honestly, that’s the only thing that matters. That’s all we have.


Hubba Hubba (2 Ellery St., Mid-Cambridge)