Saturday, July 20, 2024

The Cambridge Police Department page on the site formerly known as Twitter, where it would normal have a distinctive presence and timely new updates.

Cambridge police are trying to get back control of their account on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, said spokespeople who were asked Tuesday about its odd current look: Instead of department logos there is a generic gray background and icon; instead of a name, there’s just a period.

The last Cambridge Police Department post on the social media service renamed X was Sept. 20, congratulating the state’s Latino police award recipients.

The account went astray sometime between the move of spokesperson Jeremy Warnick to City Hall on June 26 and the arrival Oct. 3 of new department public information officer Robert Goulston – an Emmy Award-winning reporter last with the Boston 25 news channel.

“It’s unclear what happened” to the account, said Goulston, who’s been kept busy since his arrival, which coincided with the release of an inquest into a fatal Jan. 4 police shooting in Cambridge. The past weekend saw dueling protests over warfare in the Middle East. Between the events was a fire at a cap of homeless people.

The Twitter account doesn’t appear to have been hacked – no posts have appeared from a third party, Goulston said. Information technology specialists for the city are trying to reach out to Twitter to recover control of the account.

“We don’t have access,” Goulston said of the social media account. “But we were able to get some stuff removed” – apparently the name and images that would normally appear.

In the time between Warnick’s promotion and Goulston’s hiring, public information duties were handled piecemeal by department leaders including police superintendents Fred Cabral and Pauline Wells.