Thursday, July 18, 2024

A side of fried chicken at the Bon Me in Cambridge Highlands. (Photo: Marc Levy)

Price: $7.01

You can go almost anywhere for heavily breaded chicken tenders that were probably recently frozen and could be wholly processed. Bon Me’s fried chicken is different: rough-cut, mainly good-sized cubes of poultry with a slightly haphazard fried flour coating that emphasizes the meat. You eat it knowing that humans hacked away at it imperfectly, leaving smaller pieces of chicken to fall to the bottom of the box to be discovered like old maids in popcorn. Humans dipped the chicken and fried it. The food was cooked, not just prepared, and you’re actually eating, not just consuming. It’s served with a firmly set, spicy mayonnaise in a portion that matches the food it goes with – surprisingly rare. This filling side of real food is an example of why the Bon Me chain has deserved its growth from a food truck business.

Bon Me, 201 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge Highlands, and locations in Kendall and Harvard squares, Cambridge

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