Tuesday, July 23, 2024

The loroco and queso pupusa from Taco Loco in East Somerville. (Photo: Madeleine Aitken)

Price: $3.50

Taco Loco, almost as far east as you can go in East Somerville, is a Latin American gem open since 1994. Among a lengthy menu that includes tacos, tortas, burritos and enchiladas, the pupusas were a surprisingly delicious choice. I got the loroco and queso pupusa, which was filled with chopped loroco (a Central American climbing vine with flowers that’s used in cooking like a vegetable or herb) and cheese. The dough was chewy, with a nice char on the outside, and the loroco added a slightly woody flavor that balanced the melted cheese nicely. It was served with a side of curtido that was almost as good as the pupusa itself. Curtido is a sauerkraut or kimchi-esque cabbage relish, and this one was a slightly spicy yet refreshing addition to the rich consistency of the pupusa. Its flavors complemented the mild sauce, which was great for dipping the pupusa.

Taco Loco, 46 Broadway, East Somerville

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