Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Some of Melissa Glick’s “Hacker Creations” in Cambridge”s Porter Square. (Photo: Claire Ogden)

A window on the side of the Porter Square Shopping Center CVS displays pieces from a “Geometric Patterns and Compositions” series out of Cambridge Arts’ community-supported-art program – which operates like a community-supported agriculture program: Members buy shares to support artists, who are commissioned to create works for sale.

Of particular note are black-and-white “Hacker Creations” by Melissa Glick featuring a clock motif amid Glick’s medium of disassembled computer parts. The collages are worth stopping to admire after a shopping trip.

Glick, a Somerville Open Studios participant and former Artisan’s Asylum maker, said her work has echoes in the outdated gear her dad used to bring home from Raytheon. Now she breaks apart old tech to acknowledge “the abundance of outdated technology and the toll it is taking on the world.” The imagery results “in new ways of seeing and thinking about our relationship to technology,” she said.

  • Community Supported Art display, 36 White St., Porter Square, Cambridge

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