Thursday, July 18, 2024

Marg’s collages at the Central Square, Cambridge, 1369 Coffee House. (Photo: Claire Ogden)

Works by several local artists are on view at both 1369 Coffee Houses for February and March. All affordable and small, the pieces could make for excellent belated Valentine’s Day gifts. Of note are the whimsical collages of @marg.azine gracing the Central Square location, each under $100. Collages are popular in the age of social media and can feel cliché, but Marg has mastered the form – injecting a sense of humor and play that feels fresh.

A favorite, “sweet touch,” is a collage fit for lovelorn folks post V-day. Pink images of flowers and rings are surrounded by cut-and-paste poems – equally nonsensical and poignant. “Given / some time / I will bring / very cute / communication / back / again next weekend,” it says. “The most probable thing is that I / take no action.”

1369 is a bit cramped for a gallery show, but the salon-style hangings are a delightful addition to the cafe walls. In an area where independent art spaces have been disappearing, Central Square is lucky to have an art exhibition space with such a playful, DIY feel.

1369 Coffee House, 757 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square, Cambridge, and 1369 Cambridge St., Inman Square, Cambridge

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